About Us

LucidTalk Limited is an innovative Polling and Market Research company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Its mission is to provide professional, in-depth polling and market research services to public, private, media, and political and public affairs organisations, in Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Britain.

LucidTalk offers a full Polling/Market Research service including using skilled and trained ‘polling teams’, that can initiate and complete polling projects at short notice, but still with the highest level of professionalism, detail, and accuracy. This enable’s LucidTalk clients to reach their goals in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Fully aware of the market sensitivity of the results and data obtained from a polling/market research project, LucidTalk can and will guarantee that all members of our project team(s) from directors to researchers are aware of, and commit to, total confidentiality.

LucidTalk uses the latest polling/market research technologies and predictive methodologies thus ensuring the highest accuracy and most detailed and up-to-date results from each polling/market research project.

  • + Position: Consultant
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When it comes to understanding what opinions people in Northern Ireland hold and why they hold them, Gerry Lynch is one of the best in the business. Gerry brings huge political experience and analytical horsepower to the LucidTalk team. Gerry has almost two decades as a political commentator, senior election campaign manager and grassroots political activist.

On becoming a LucidTalk Consultant Gerry said,

“Good political polling is about holding a mirror up to society, allowing people to see what they and their neighbours think about the key issues of the day and why. It is a vital part of building a vibrant democracy in the new Northern Ireland. Polling is about much more than politics, and I’m also delighted to be part of helping some of our key generators of jobs and growth position themselves to make Northern Ireland one of the economic success stories of the 2010s.”

Gerry Lynch