The LucidTalk Quarterly 'Tracker' Big80 Online Poll 
- What Northern Ireland really Thinks!

The LucidTalk Quarterly 'Big80' is a 80 hour online poll open to the NI Public. Taking place every three months, each poll is targeted to obtain over 5,000 opinions from a balanced representative sample of Northern Ireland (NI) Opinion. These BIG80 poll-projects cover issues such as politics, lifestyle, economy, education, health etc., in NI. We directly email invite up to 10,000 to take part, from our already established NI-Wide Opinion Panel, which is balanced and designed to be demographically representative of Northern Ireland. The polls are also widely advertised elsewhere including via e.g. social media etc.

We are hoping (and expecting) to achieve up to *5,000 participants for our next Big80 online poll project - scheduled for the 22nd to 25th September 2017. As well as overall results, all results can and will be broken down demographically, including by: age-group, occupation, socio-economic group, community background, residence area, etc.

Both public and private sector organisations can participate in our 'Big80' Quarterly online poll-projects as Sponsor-Partners, who receive a package of services including:

-          Up to two(2) poll questions to be included within the full NI-Wide online 'Big80' poll-project.

  • -          Representative Market Research across Northern Ireland (NI) - predicted participants for the upcoming 'Big80' is *4,500+.
  • -          Marketing and promotion of the sponsor-partners name and logo, background, and organisation/business, to over *20,000 NI residents who will review the online poll and therefore see the sponsor-partners name and organisation details (i.e. as well as their poll questions). NB the display of the sponsor-partners name and business details is, of course, optional.
  • -          Full results report relating to the 1-2 sponsor-partner contributed poll questions, plus full demographic analysis covering gender, age-group, occupation, community background, and NI region (11 areas based on NI local government council ares).
  • -          Follow-up Management presentation and Workshop to review poll-project results.
  • -          Availability of poll results and coverage in the form of ‘print-collateral’ to allow sponsor-partner to create their own publicity and PR material from the poll-project results and coverage e.g. brochures, flyers, web site coverage, publicity material etc.

* - All figures based on British Polling Council and UK Market Research Society research participation figures for online polling. NB The estimated 20,000 'reader' audience is higher than the poll participant No., because not all survey-poll 'viewers' will complete the survey-poll - but more than 1 in 6* of these will fully participate, and complete the poll-survey.

For further details, and applicable costs, please contact LucidTalk on: