LucidTalk are members of the British Polling Council (BPC) and consequently all polling, polling methodologies, project management, and professional standards used by LucidTalk, have been authenticated by the BPC.

As well as the Poll results data and useful market research information obtained from each LucidTalk project it should be noted that as part of each project LucidTalk will have usually contacted over 1,000 people, highlighting the client name. Taking into account that these poll participants will also ‘spread the word’ among their family/friends re. the Poll, including the Client name, this will therefore provides substantial indirect advertising for the client. NB a lot of radio & TV advertising could not attain this level of direct coverage!

In addition, and as part of polling, LucidTalk polling teams also collate key comments made by the polling participants. These could be about anything, and comments are not always related to the polling questions. NB Due to their subjective nature, ‘Comments’ cannot, and will not, be analysed as part of the overall poll, however they do provide a qualitative ‘feel’ for opinion on certain issues, and provide additional useful input for clients. NB All comments are always available for review, and a representative sub-set of comments are usually included as part of Polling reports for clients.