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LucidTalk Community Connect

LucidTalk ‘Community Connect’ is a specifically designed package of LucidTalk services (including polling), aimed at researching opinion, and in addition, informing a local community or targeted audience about the specific subject and/or issue being researched. It is a pro-active form of polling and market research, combining accurate researching of opinion, whilst enhancing the knowledge of, and informing the local community about, the factors and issues relating to a particular subject area. This enhances the understanding within a community or area about the key issues, and opinions, relating to a specific subject topic e.g. educational services in a geographic area etc. Each ‘Community Connect’ project is individually designed for each project, and comprises:

a) A Pre-Project monitor Poll - carried out before any of the main community interaction projects highlighted in (b), (c), and (d) below take place.
b) Focus Groups – in-depth research with 8-12 invited participants.
c) Opinion Caucuses - larger ‘open to the public’ and/or ‘invited audience’ type events. Targeted Audience: 25-45 attendees. 
d) One-to-One ‘Deep’ Interviews - direct, detailed interviews, with key individuals connected with the targeted community. These individuals would usually have expertise in, and/or a deep interest in, issues related to the targeted subject and could be e.g. community leaders, elected representatives, business leaders etc.
e) Interest Group ‘Deep’ Interviews - direct, detailed interviews, with small groups (3-5) who usually have expertise in, or a deep interest in, issues related to the targeted subject.
f) A Post-Project monitor Poll - similar in structure to the pre-project monitor Poll, carried out after all of the main community interaction projects highlighted in (b), (c), and (d) above have taken place. The key aim of this Post-Project monitor Poll is to compare to the Pre-Project Monitor Poll and thus obtain a measured ‘before’ and ‘after’ view of opinion.

Detailed overview of LucidTalk Community Audits - Key Project Modules: 

A. Pre and Post Project Monitor Polls - this could be targeted at:

(1) A customer base (e.g. for a private sector company)

(2) A specific area e.g. South Down for a recent education research project LucidTalk have just completed.

(3) NI-Wide.

(4) A particular age-group e.g. 18-45 etc..

(5) Belfast conurbation - to e.g. research traffic flow and issues within Belfast, and the Belfast commuter belt

(6) ABC1 earners in NI - basically the NI middle class

(7) Or a 'radius area' e.g. a specifc town and within a 10 mile radius etc...

No's polled/surveyed would comply with British Polling Council standards for +/-3% accuracy of representative opinion of targeted group.

B. Focus Groups: 8-12 attendees, engaged discussion with 2-3 themes, detailed qualitative information/comments collated, 80% qualitative/20% quantitative (latter: via direct answer e-poll questions etc.).

C. Opinion Caucuses: 25-45 attendees, more quantitative discussion around 5-6 key questions, keynote speakers, detailed quantitative information collated with some qualitative/comments collated as well, 60% quantitative (e.g. via our e-polling of direct answer questions), 40% qualitative/comments.

D. Direct One-to-One interviews: with e.g. Community Leaders, Local organisation leaders (e.g. Sports club leaders etc.), Senior Business managers - all dependent on project. Interviews lasting 20mins to 1/2 hour and covering topics covered in Focus groups and Opinion Caucuses in-depth and in more detail.

E. Small 'Key Interest' group interviews: With 3-5 key personnel with common interest in the sector or issue being researched e.g. particular types of client (e.g. Managing Directors, Sports club members etc..), and with a Public sector project (e.g. Community Connect) this could be with 3-5 Teachers etc.. (if project involved education services in a particular area etc.)

It can be seen how B and C complement each other, and also complement the planned overall targeted survey A etc.. (which is of course 90% Quantitative - i.e. uses measurable answer poll questions etc..).

Each Community Audit is tailored to the requirements of each particular project, and may include all, or just some, of A to E above. 

Summary of Key Project Deliverables: 

Full Quantitative and Qualitative analysis + Full Ongoing Reporting

Recorded comments: Made by poll participants during the poll project - Qualitative Analysis.

Ongoing and final reports: Which will include data tables, statistical analysis, summary and outline of approach, commentary, and a full report of all the collated results and data. Senior Management presentation: Which will include a ‘high level’ report on the key poll- project results, plus management level interpretation, commentary and analysis of results.

Option of Two (2) Half-day Training workshops: Apart from the normal liaison meetings, and project progress and review meetings, LucidTalk offer pre-project and post-project workshops. Pre-project workshops include: Survey design, approach, and methodology.
Post-project workshops include: presentation of the final report(s), in-depth results, ‘drill-down’, and cross-reference analyses.

Full and ongoing training, advisory, and consultancy services: LucidTalk offer full support in terms of presentation, marketing, and promotion of poll-project results and conclusions to e.g. general public, key stakeholder groups, public representatives, and media outlets.

For further details and information about Community Connects, and/or the range of LucidTalk Polling and Market Research Services, please contact us

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