LT Omnibus Polls

LT run regular (Omnibus) NI representative polls on a quarterly basis – called ‘NILIFE’. The Omnibus NILIFE poll-surveys cover key topics and issues that are current, and are of interest to the NI public – i.e. apart from ‘mainstream’ political issues, which are adequately covered in other LucidTalk polls. As the NI LIFE poll title says its “Just about NI Life: Education, Health, Jobs, Lifestyle.... (No politics!)”.


Several partner-organisations usually take part in the NILIFE poll-surveys, and contribute up to three research questions for these regular quarterly Omnibus polls. All quantitative and qualitative (i.e. comments etc.) information is recorded, and detailed in the final reports.


As several partners take part in these polls, significant economies of scale are achieved in terms of costs. This results in minimal and good value individual costs per project-partner, and per poll question.

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