LT NI Opinion Panel Quarterly 'Tracker' Poll – October 2019

LucidTalk run regular Northern Ireland (NI) Opinion Panel 'Tracker Polls' to constantly gauge and estimate NI public opinion on a wide range of issues e.g. politics, business, consumer, lifestyle etc. Here we present the report from our October 2019 NI-Wide Opinion Panel Tracker Poll – which researched NI representative opinions and views regarding three Brexit scenarios modelled as a 2nd EU Referendum (a) Boris Johnson’s Deal vs No Deal, (b) Boris Johnson’s Deal vs Remain, and (c) Remain vs No Deal, and also researched Political Parties performance in the Brexit negotiations, and how Brexit impacts views on a United Ireland. This poll-project was run in association with the SUNDAY TIMES new

LT Client Poll

As part of its services LucidTalk are sometimes commissioned by clients to carry out specific poll projects on their behalf. Recently LT were commissioned to conduct a Northern Ireland (NI) poll-survey on behalf of ‘Both Lives Matter’, covering abortion and related issues. This was a client commissioned poll carried out by LucidTalk Limited in accordance with the professional standards and regulations as directed and laid down by the UK and Ireland polling and market research professional organisations: See LucidTalk - Professional Credentials below. All poll questions were proposed by the client, - however, and as always with client commissioned projects, LucidTalk worked with the client to

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