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GUE/NGL Sponsored - NI OPINION PANEL 'TRACKER' POLL (December 2017)

LucidTalk (LT) operate as an independent and neutral polling and market research company and are open to running projects with any interested parties and organisations involving a wide range of topics from eg lifestyle, to business and politics. LT were recently commissioned by the European Parliamentary Political Group the GUE/NGL – EUROPEAN UNION LEFT/NORDIC GREEN LEFT to carry out representative poll research in Northern Ireland (NI) regarding Brexit (Hard or Soft), and its possible impact on NI and the Republic of Ireland. As such, and for this specific project, all poll questions were proposed, promoted, and designed, by the GUE/NGL. In addition, all discussions, project design, and commercial agreements, etc. have been conducted by LT directly with the GUE/NGL in Brussels - and no other parties (political or otherwise) were, and/or have been, involved with this poll-project.

LucidTalk advised on the structure and format of the poll-project. NB LucidTalk, with the GUE/NGL, endeavoured to provide neutrality and balance to the poll questions and the poll project structure. The GUE/NGL objectives for this project were to research NI opinions and views based on certain specific scenarios relating to Brexit, and the poll questions were framed with this in mind. Brexit, and how it relates to NI, is a very complex subject, and as such, the reader, and any reviewer analysis of this report, should be carried out in that context, and the reviewer/reader should make their own individual judgements and interpretations of the results.

To comply with UK and Ireland polling regulations LT are now obliged to publish the full results for this project which are enclosed here - two reports: (a) The main results report (in graphical format), and (b) The full base data-set of results in Excel/CSV format. As this is not a direct 'LT only' poll-project, but was carried out on behalf of a client, only the main results (in graphical format), and some associated demographic analyses results are provided. No commentary or interpretation is provided, as this is the responsibility (optional) of the client - the GUE/NGL.

BACKGROUND: The poll-project was carried out by polling the established LT Northern Ireland Opinion Panel (now over 10,000 members). The LucidTalk Opinion Panel consists of Northern Ireland residents (age 18+) and is balanced by gender, age-group, area of residence, and community background, in order to be demographically representative of Northern Ireland. For this specific GUE/NGL poll-project our NI-Wide and representative Opinion Panel was targeted, and invited to participate, 3,286 full responses were received, and then a NI representative 2,079 sample of responses was used to determine the final results (researched to be a balanced, robust, and accurate sample of NI opinion).

GUE/NGL POLL-PROJECT (DEC 2017) - LT Panel 'Tracker' Poll Full Results Report: CLICK HERE

METHODOLOGY: Polling was carried out by Belfast based polling and market research company LucidTalk. The project was carried out online for a period of 80 Hours from 1pm 1st December 2017 to 9pm 4th December 2017 (80 Hours). The project targeted the established LucidTalk NI-Wide Opinion Panel (10,422 members) which is balanced by gender, age-group, area of residence, and community background, in order to be demographically representative of Northern Ireland(NI). 3,286 full responses were received and a data auditing process ensured all completed poll-surveys were genuine 'one-person, one-vote' responses, and also to ensure a robust NI representative sample of opinion. This resulted in 2,079 responses being considered in terms of the final results, and that the 2,079 responses received and used were a demographically representative sample of Northern Ireland - producing results representative of NI Opinion to within an error of +/-3%.

GUE/NGL POLL-PROJECT (DEC 2017) - LT NI Panel 'Tracker' Poll - Full Base Data-Set Results (in Excel/CSV): CLICK HERE

For any queries, or for further information, please contact LucidTalk:

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