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LT carried out the recruitment for the first Citizens' Assembly for Northern Ireland (NI) ensuring it was balanced and NI representative. The Citizens Assembly (80 members) met over two separate weekends in October and November - Here is a photo of all the participants of the full Citizens Assembly for NI, along with the demographic structure of its 80 members (see below).

Run and managed by INVOLVE (the UK's leading public participation charity) this first Citizens Assembly of NI discussed social care for older people in NI, and a tremendous amount of work was done over the two full weekends that the Citizens Assembly met. This resulted in 27 policy recommendations being agreed by members of the Citizens' Assembly, including better support for carers, an end to compulsory zero-hour contracts for care workers, and support for older people to be better integrated into society.

For more details regarding the Citizens Assembly results recommendations go to: CLICK HERE

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