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Previewing the European Elections – A LucidTalk Event

A LUCIDTALK EVENT (in association with MCE Public Relations) Wednesday 15th May 2019 (7pm) Venue: The DARK HORSE, Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LB

A review of the latest polls for the upcoming Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Great Britain European Elections:

with BILL WHITE, LucidTalk - Managing Director and DR KEVIN CUNNINGHAM, Ireland Thinks - Managing Director, Lecturer in Politics (Dublin University), & formerly Targeting & Analysis Manager for UK Labour. + a Panel Review and Discussion with: ALEX KANE (Political commentator) DAITHI McKAY (ex MLA) + others (to be announced) with full audience involvement, debate, questions, and discussion. NB Event will include 'live' ask-the-audience e-polling regarding all the latest political issues including the upcoming NI European Election, Brexit, a NI Border Poll, and Stormont and the political talks.


But register early as places are limited.

This event is being sponsored by MCE Public Relations:

NB If the UK European Elections don't take place, then the event will cover the NI local government elections, the ROI European Elections, and the latest Brexit issues polling etc.

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