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Key Polling Benefits

It should be noted that all LucidTalk’s Products and Services provide substantial benefits outside of the polling and market research data produced from each project.

These benefits include:

Indirect Marketing and Sales - Most Polling projects involve directly contacting several thousand people, to whom the pollster usually identifies the client name (unless it’s a confidential polling project) thus promoting the company to new people and new markets.

Publicity in other Media - By its very nature, and if approved and agreed with the client, Polling results usually gain publicity in the media e.g. Newspapers, BBC, Internet, other media etc. This obviously produces indirect advertising for the client company/organisation, and a higher profile and market awareness for the client.

Web Presence - LucidTalk have the facility to provide a full report and analysis of any/all of their Poll/Market Research projects on their own Web site, with (if agreed with the client) a link to the client’s own Web site. This joint Web reporting and coverage thus can provide the client with increased Web coverage.

Increased Credibility - This is especially important to trade organisations, newer/start-up companies, and those who would like to raise their profile on a full Northern Ireland, Ireland, and/or UK wide basis. By using Polls/Polling data correctly, clients can be seen as leaders among their peers and the public.

Questioning - Quite simply, all polling methodologies detailed above will allow the sponsor organisation to ask the questions it wants answered by target groups and/or the public. There are very few value for money ways of best ascertaining public opinion, whilst also promoting the client, and we are certain that LucidTalk’s polling methods provide the perfect vehicle for achieving this.

Key Polling Benefits
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