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Live Events - Audience Polling

LucidTalk offer instantaneous audience polling at ‘Live’ events to carry out dynamic, ‘as it happens’, opinion polling. Similar to the ‘ask the audience’ feature on the famous TV Quiz show ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’, the LucidTalk system uses compact hand-held devices (accommodating audiences of up to 300), to instantaneously collate opinions from a ‘live event’ audience. The poll results can be stored for subsequent analysis, or be instantly presented back to the audience to stimulate further debate. As well as the useful market research that LucidTalk audience response polling produces, the LucidTalk ‘live’ audience response systems also adds a Fun element to audience participation events. Examples of events include: Customer/Client promotional events, User-Group events, Customer/Client Feedback events, New Product &/or Service launch events, Staff events etc. LucidTalk also use instantaneous audience polling with their clients at Focus Groups to research key targeted issues of relevance to client objectives.

Key features and advantages of the LucidTalk Audience Response Systems, include:


  • Confidential polling: Using the small hand-held voting devices, participants can submit their opinion privately without the crude public ‘hands-up’ type polling. This is especially useful when debating and discussing controversial issues, and particularly if audience members do not want other members of the audience to know their own personal/private opinion regarding key issues.

  • Audiences of up to 300 can be accommodated (i.e. with 300 hand-held voting devices). NB Larger audiences can also be accommodated by randomly selecting e.g. 300 out of an audience of say 500 to participate in the ‘live’ polling, thus providing an accurate sample of 60-70% of audience opinion.

  • Results can be instantly displayed back to the audience using attractive graphics e.g. bar-charts, pie-charts etc., or else stored for private analysis later, or both.

  • Full demographic analyses can be built into the ‘live’ audience polling covering analysis by gender, age-group, occupation group, postcode area of residence, etc. The LucidTalk audience polling system automatically does all the above demographic analysis instantaneously for each question, and this analysis can also then be immediately displayed back to the audience, or else stored for private analysis later, or both.

  • Event promoters can add credibility to their event with accurate precise statistics of audience opinion, independently verified by LucidTalk. This allows for e.g. follow-on PR/publicity from the event, using these precise authenticated audience opinion results. LucidTalk provides full reports and analyses from each ‘live’ event audience poll-project, allowing for further research.

+ Now Web App Enabled - At 'Live' Events can vote via Smartphone, Tablet, PC, and other similar devices. Therefore:

  • Events can be run over multiple locations perhaps via 'live broadcast', and/or video-link, from the main event location.

  • Participants watching or listening to the event from eg another location, their own office, their home, or elsewhere, can still take part, vote, and let their views be known.

  • Allows the facility for 100's to 1,000's of people to take part in the live e-polling, apart from those actually in attendance at the main live event location.

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