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Scotland - Opinion Panel

LucidTalk’s (LT) Scotland online Opinion Panel has over 7,000 members and is regularly polled and surveyed to obtain views and opinions on a whole range issues relating to Scotland e.g. politics, business, consumer, health etc. LT are constantly updating and refreshing their Scotland Opinion Panel with new members, to assist our research projects, and we would like to hear from you if you would like to join the LT Scotland online Opinion Panel. If you do join, you will collect credits for each poll-survey you complete, which are used to enter our quarterly prize-draws for e.g. shopping vouchers, restaurant awards etc.


Plus, some LT Polls are LT STAR Poll-Projects – if you complete five LT STAR poll-surveys then you will receive (i.e. not just win!) a £5, £10, or £15 shopping voucher. NB LT usually run several LT STAR poll-surveys every 6-9 months. This is in addition to (and doesn’t affect) your chances of winning in the LucidTalk quarterly prize-draws.

NB to be a Scotland - LT Opinion Panel member, you must be on the Scotland Electoral Register, or resident in Scotland.

To join the LT online Scotland Opinion Panel we do need to know a little about you! – So please take a few moments to answer the questions via the enclosed link - NB IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER OF OUR SCOTLAND OPINION PANEL (e.g. you receive direct email invitations to take part in our polls) THEN YOU DON'T NEED TO RE-REGISTER HERE: 

If you register for the LT Scotland Opinion Panel, and take part in LT polls and surveys, all information recorded is, and will be, treated as confidential, and recorded in compliance with United Kingdom Data Protection regulations.  As per Market Research standards and regulations, your identification, email, and other demographic information, is stored separately on our systems, and can't be linked to your specific survey-poll answers, and/or any results or data recorded via any poll-survey project. Every LT poll-survey is SSL security encrypted and all information recorded is treated as confidential and will not be passed onto any other outside person or organisation.

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