About Us

LucidTalk Limited is an innovative Polling and Market Research company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Its mission is to provide professional, in-depth polling and market research services to public, private, media, and political and public affairs organisations, in Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

LucidTalk offers a full Polling/Market Research service including:

  • Opinion Polling - including in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and Great Britain

  • Market Research

  • Focus Groups and Opinion Caucuses

  • Area Micro-Polls

  • Live Event Polling

  • Online Engagement

  • Direct Door-To-Door Market Research

  • Tele-Marketing

  • Audience Outreach

  • Message Testing - Including products and services. 


LucidTalk uses the latest polling/market research technologies and predictive methodologies thus ensuring the highest accuracy and most detailed and up-to-date results from each polling/market research project. LucidTalk use skilled and trained 'polling teams', that can initiate and complete polling projects at short notice, but still with the highest level of professionalism, detail, and accuracy. This enable’s LucidTalk clients to reach their goals in a timely and cost efficient manner.

LucidTalk is a member of all recognised professional Polling and Market Research organisations, including the UK Market Research Society (UK-MRS), the British Polling Council (BPC), and ESOMAR (European Society of Market Research organisations). The BPC are the primary UK professional body ensuring professional Polling and Market Research standards. All polling, research, sampling, and methodologies used, in all LucidTalk market research projects, and all results and reports production are carried out to the professional standards laid down by the BPC and AIMRO (Association of Irish Market Research Organisations).

The Team


Bill White


Managing Director

Dr Kevin Cunningham

Dublin University - Lecturer

MD - Ireland Thinks (Polling Co.)

Formerly Targeting & Analysis Manager - UK Labour

Alex Kane

Commentator, Political Analyst

Irene Garland



Operations Director

Gerry Lynch

Public Affairs and Political Consultant

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