LucidTalk use a variation of polling and predictive methodologies in order to achieve the maximum accuracy within their polling and market research projects. The primary polling methodology used is online - with the now 10,000+ Northern Ireland (NI) member online NI Opinion Panel. This is because online research is the accepted ‘gold standard’ in terms of market research methodologies, as it has proved the most accurate methodology in e.g. the EU Referendum 2016, the US Election 2016, and the UK general election 2017. The usual poll-project structure used by LucidTalk is 90% online channel and 10% telephone channel, ensuring that robust representative samples of opinion are obtained in any project targeted sector e.g. NI opinion.

Using this methodology, LucidTalk predicted the NI EU Referendum result to within 1% three days before the actual EU Referendum vote day – see NI SUN newspaper 20th June 2016 + similarly LucidTalk predicted the 2017 NI Assembly election results to within 1% in terms of political parties vote share and also seats won.  

As well as the Poll results and data, and other useful market research information obtained from each LucidTalk project, it should be noted that as part of each project LucidTalk will have usually contacted over 10,000 people, highlighting the key issues that the poll-project is researching. In addition, optionally the client name and business can be promoted as well. Taking into account that these poll participants will also ‘spread the word’ among their family/friends re. the Poll, including optionally the Client name and business, this will therefore provide substantial indirect advertising for the LucidTalk client. NB a lot of radio and TV advertising cannot attain this level of direct coverage!

In addition, and as part of polling, LucidTalk polling teams also collate key comments made by the polling participants. NB Due to their subjective nature, ‘Comments’ cannot, and will not, be analysed as part of the overall poll, however they do provide a qualitative ‘feel’ for opinion on certain issues, and provide additional useful input for clients. NB All comments are always available for review, and a representative sub-set of comments are usually included as part of Poll-Project reports for clients.


LucidTalk is a member of all recognised professional Polling and Market Research organisations, including the UK Market Research Society (UK-MRS), the British Polling Council (BPC), and ESOMAR (European Society of Market Research organisations). The BPC are the primary UK professional body ensuring professional Polling and Market Research standards. All polling, research, sampling, and methodologies used, in all LucidTalk market research projects, and all results and reports production are carried out to the professional standards laid down by the BPC and AIMRO (Association of Irish Market Research Organisations).

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