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LT NI Sector Polling

As part of their market research services LucidTalk do regular 'panel' research projects.

Specific target groups or opinion panels already set-up, and therefore can be monitored and polled on an ongoing and regular basis, include:

LucidTalk NI 'BUSINESS & MANAGERS' Opinion Panel – currently 700+ members:

The LT Business & Managers Panel is used to collate views on 'business and work' issues within the broad NI 'work' sector, e.g. finance, technology, consumer, marketing, distribution etc. The panel includes business owners, directors, and managers, from the NI public, private, and community/voluntary sectors, - and also key workers from within the broad 'work' sector in NI. 

If you 'qualify' according to the above - would you like you to join our NI 'Business & Managers' Opinion Panel – then Register here: 

Public Sector (Senior Managers) – 610 members. A broad and representative cross-section of middle and senior managers within the public and voluntary sectors in NI.

Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly members Panel – 90 members. This represents the total membership of the current NI Assembly.

Northern Ireland Councillors Panel – 146 members. This represents a quarter of the total Number of NI Councillors i.e. ¼ of 582.

Other Northern Ireland Opinion Panels available include:


- Students

- Sixth-Formers

- Teachers

- Health sector workers, etc.

LT run a schedule of regular ‘panel polls’ usually on an annual basis e.g. Business Leaders, NI Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly members Panel, Northern Ireland Councillors Panel, etc. Further details can be obtained from LucidTalk on:

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