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Political Conference Surveys

Northern Ireland (NI) Political Party Conferences - Surveys at the five 'main' party conferences - DUP, Sinn Fein, UUP, SDLP, and Alliance - fully representative of cross-section of 'political active participants'


During the 2016 - 2017 NI Political Party conference season LucidTalk are planning to run a poll-survey project across all of the 'main five' NI Political Party conferences i.e. DUP, Sinn Fein, UUP, SDLP, and Alliance parties.

The project structure is as follows - ie per conference:

- A 50 delegate survey carried out at each of the NI political party conferences balanced by age, constituency, gender, employment sector etc., to ensure a representative sample of opinion (of each conference). Each survey would have a maximum of 20 questions.
- Survey-Poll Questions would be donated by 'sponsor partners' (between 1 and 2 questions per partner).
- Each political party would be allowed to supply two survey questions of their own, for the research survey at their own party conference.
- Surveys would be carried out using professional tablet devices, and run from a designated stand at each conference. Participants would be given small gifts for participating e.g. boxes of confectionery etc.

Full reports would be supplied to each sponsor-partner covering the 250 responses (from all five conferences) - including individual reports (inc. graphics, presentation slides etc.) from each conference. 


Sponsor partner benefits:

- Five individual conference reports, and one complete report (250 full interviews) - all interviews with 'politically active/interested' delegate participants at each political party conference.
- Capability to present these results back to each of the individual political parties.
- Capability of publicising the full report results from all five party conferences relating to their own questions (i.e. the full 250 interviews) in media, publicity campaigns, and other promotions that the sponsor partner may wish to undertake. 
- Whatever the survey questions, the project is also an excellent way of marketing the sponsor-partners activities to a wide range of political activists.

The political party would gain:

- Full reports (similar to sponsor-partners above) relating to their own survey questions.
- Probability of sponsor-partners presenting their own project results (i.e. relating to their own survey questions) to the political party, relating to their own delegates views about particular issues + also (probably) the full report from all the conferences (250 interviews) relating to the individual sponsor-partners questions.

NB The agreed legal data-protection position would be that each sponsor-partner could only use each political party's individual research results for their own internal use, and for discussion/presentation to that specific political party. As such, a sponsor-partner will not be able to present their report from e.g. the SDLP conference (relating to their own survey questions) to the UUP etc..! - but they will/would be able to present the total (250 interview) results report, to other political parties, and to the media and the public, relating to their own survey questions.   

Costs for project participation - on request from LucidTalk. 

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