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Added Value Polling

LucidTalk offer the latest Added Value Polling services, now used by many Public and Private sector organisations worldwide. These innovative polling methods and tools provide not only provide powerful, quality, and detailed market research, but also combine this, if applicable, with market and sales generation, promotion of market awareness, and general market promotion and publicity.

Micro-Polling provides the ability to carry out dynamic polling of a particular targeted group eg this could be a specific geographic area - perhaps a NI council area, or sub-area (based on postcode analyses). It could also be a specific demographic group eg 18-24 year-olds in Northern Ireland (NI), Females in the West of NI, ABC1 socio-economic groups in Belfast, - or a particular industrial group eg NI Teachers etc. Micro-Polls aim to achieve a representative sample of opinion within the targeted group based on a mathematical analysis of the structure and Nos of the targeted group - this usually involves achieving 500-1,000 complete opinions (regarding the issues being researched).

Micro-Polls also facilitate the establishment of Micro-Groups which can allow ongoing and regular polling over a period of time, whilst the group is ‘active’. This therefore can ascertain trends, and changing trends and opinions, over a period of time, within the targeted demographic group eg geographic area, age-group, and/or gender group. These target Micro-Groups can/could be set-up as a direct output from a Micro-Polling project, and could represent a particular group, or be representative of a specific opinion related to the clients business.

As part of the contacts LucidTalk make during polling projects, including micro-poll projects, LucidTalk (in agreement with the client) also collate a database of poll participants who would like to also participate in future ‘Live’ events e.g. Focus Groups etc. These groups (reserached from the target demographic of the micro-poll) usually involve 70-100 participants, and would/could focus on particular issues of interest to the client.

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