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Focus Groups

LucidTalk offer the latest Added Value Polling services, now used by many Public and Private sector organisations worldwide. These innovative polling methods and tools provide not only provide powerful, quality, and detailed market research, but also combine this, if applicable, with market and sales generation, promotion of market awareness, and general market promotion and publicity.

Research, and setting-up of Focus groups –5-9 members per group, with each Focus group collated as a targeted group, again tailored towards client requirements (see Micro Polls above) e.g. geographical – Key areas of N. Ireland etc. Interaction with Focus Groups can involve direct ‘Live’ meetings, where we can offer the facility of carrying out ‘Live’ Polling at these events. As an example, following presentations from the client & other personnel etc., polling would/could take place via the use of hand-held devices (Audience Response Systems) held by each member of the audience, so that immediate feedback can be obtained. These immediate results would/can then be analysed instantly in terms of statistics etc., and either presented directly back to the audience for further discussion and evaluation, and/or kept confidentially for further discussion later, or a mixture of both! See: LT Audience Response E-Polling

In particular, Focus Groups provide the additional advantages of:

  • ‘Live’ interaction with relatively large selected and targeted audience(s) who will have an ‘interest’ in the clients business, or a specific issue.

  • Use of Focus Groups, will raise the general awareness of a client and what they do etc., and create a positive image of the client with key groups of e.g. the public sector, business community, and/or the general public e.g. ‘we want to meet you & get your views’ etc….!

  • Allows client personnel direct interaction with selected groups (i.e. the Focus groups), creating new contacts, & enhance client perception etc.

  • If required, or desired, Focus group events will/can attract good publicity in the local Press and media etc.

  • As well as the general objective/measureable views-opinions that can be obtained as part of general polling (e.g. via telephone), Focus Groups allow the collation of a wide range of ‘subjective’ opinions i.e. views that can/could only be expressed in a ‘live’ environment e.g. Descriptive Opinions, views etc.

  • As per the general polling, a full detailed statistical analysis, as part of a full report, will be produced for any Focus Group project(s).

  • As follow-up, the Focus groups can be set-up as part of an Internet Polling group for general and ongoing online follow-up research.

  • As per above, the Focus Groups can be ‘used again’ for further meetings/‘Live events’, thus enabling follow-up and ongoing research.

  • Using the Hand-Held devices (Audience Response Systems) at ‘Live events’ e.g. Focus group events, is always very successful as it proves to be very enjoyable and ‘Fun’ for all the attendees, as well as providing useful research data for the promoting organisation. As such, attendees almost always want to attend, and be involved with further ‘Live’ Focus Group events etc.

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