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'Live' Events

LucidTalk offer the latest Added Value Polling services, now used by many Public and Private sector organisations worldwide. These innovative polling methods and tools provide not only provide powerful, quality, and detailed market research, but also combine this, if applicable, with market and sales generation, promotion of market awareness, and general market promotion and publicity.

LucidTalk also provide the service of event management and organisation often involving the use of the Audience Response Systems (e-polling) i.e. hand-held voting devices (also mentioned in the Focus group section), at these events, to add a Market Research, and also ‘Fun’ element to the event. These events can be e.g.: Customer/Client promotional events, User-Group events, Customer/Client Feedback events, New Product &/or Service launch events, Staff Motivational events etc. See: LT Audience Response E-Polling

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