UK EU Referendum – What Does Europe Think?

Peter Kellner (YouGov President) - EuroTracker Poll analyses what rest of Europe thinks about UK EU Renegotiation Speak for Europe, David The advice from Europe’s voters to David Cameron could not be clearer: If you want popular support across the Channel for your renegotiation strategy, talk not about what’s good for Britain but what’s good for Europe. YouGov’s latest Eurotracker survey questioned voters in France, Germany and Scandinavia, as well as Britain. Most non-Britons in our survey want Britain to remain in the EU (by big majorities in Germany and Scandinavia, more narrowly in France) – but few people want the EU to make ‘significant concessions’ to the UK. When it comes to specific

LT and GDPR Compliance

Fully aware of the market sensitivity of the results and data obtained from a polling/market research project, LucidTalk can and do guarantee that all members of our project team(s) from directors to researchers are aware of, and commit to, total confidentiality. LucidTalk has recently underwent a full GDPR data-audit, and full details of LucidTalks data privacy and GDPR compliance can be found here: LucidTalk Privacy Policy and GDPR compliance: Click Here For any queries, or for further information, please contact LucidTalk:

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