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LT NI ‘Tracker’ poll – Winter 2022

LucidTalk run regular Northern Ireland (NI) Opinion Panel 'Tracker Polls' to constantly gauge and estimate NI public opinion on a wide range of issues e.g. politics, business, consumer, lifestyle etc., usually on a quarterly basis.

Here we present the results and report from our regular quarterly NI ‘Tracker’ poll – Winter 2022, run in association with the BELFAST TELEGRAPH. Poll questions included political-party support, political leader ratings, NI Protocol, and Domestic violence. Poll-period was 14th – 17th January 2022, and 3,113 responses were used in the final weighted, NI representative sample for the base NI Political Party question.

The poll results were reported extensively in the BELFAST TELEGRAPH (22nd and 24th January 2022), and were also covered on U105 radio – see below for links to some of the media coverage.

The polls are regular 'Tracker' polls of the established LT Northern Ireland Opinion Panel (now over 13,000+ members). The LucidTalk Opinion Panel consists of Northern Ireland residents (age 18+) and is balanced by gender, age-group, area of residence, and community background, in order to be demographically representative of Northern Ireland. For this January 2022 NI Tracker poll-project our NI-Wide and representative Opinion Panel was targeted, and invited to participate, and 3,426 full responses were received. Then after data auditing to ensure: (a) 'one person-one vote' responses, and (b) the collation of a robust, accurate, and balanced representative NI sample, - 3,113 full responses were recorded and used for the final representative NI sample. All results presented are accurate in terms of representing NI opinion to within an error of +/-2.3% at 95% confidence.

LT ‘Winter’ November 2022 NI ‘Tracker’ poll (Poll Period: 14th – 17th January 2022): are the poll questions from the project, and the main results graphics for the first two poll questions i.e. the main poll questions –

QUESTION 1: If a NI Assembly Election were to be held tomorrow which political party would you vote for as FIRST PREFERENCE?

Full NI representative results: CLICK HERE



QUESTION 2: How do you rate the following political party leaders in terms of their overall performance in the last few months?

Full NI representative results: CLICK HERE


Political Leader Ratings: CLICK HERE

Bad/Very Bad scores – analysed by NI political groupings: CLICK HERE

Full project report inc. project background, methodology, and all results graphics (Total results - 8 poll questions, and main demographics): CLICK HERE

Full results, and full demographic analyses, for all the poll-project questions can be found in the main full data-tables results - Poll-Project Data-Tables results report: CLICK HERE - (will appear in the centre, or at bottom left, in excel/csv format).

Within the results data-tables each individual poll question can be accessed via the Tabs at the bottom of the Spreadsheet - For each individual poll question, demographic analyses are shown by: Gender, Age-Group, Socio-Economic Group, NI Residence Area (see description within the enclosed data-tables results report), 2017 NI Assembly Election - Past-Vote, NI constitutional position, Community (religion), and 2016 EU Referendum - Past-Vote.

NB Subsamples from any cross-breaks or 'drill-downs' into the data, will be subject to a higher margin of error, and conclusions drawn from cross-breaks with small sub-samples should be treated with caution.



Polling was carried out by Belfast based polling and market research company LucidTalk. The project was carried out online from 14th to 17th January 2022. The project targeted the established LucidTalk NI-Wide Opinion Panel (13,816 members) which is balanced by gender, age-group, area of residence, and community background, in order to be demographically representative of Northern Ireland (NI). 3,113 full responses were considered in terms of the final results – 2,925 responses for Question 1. Then a data auditing process ensured all completed poll-surveys were genuine 'one-person, one-vote' responses, and the base data-results were weighted to 17 NI demographics, to ensure a robust NI representative sample of opinion. This final 3,113 response dataset is a demographically representative sample of Northern Ireland - producing results representative of NI Opinion to within an error of +/-2.3% at 95% confidence. For detail of project methodology, see enclosed reports.

Media Coverage

BELFAST TELEGRAPH (Suzanne Breen – Main article): CLICK HERE






BELFAST TELEGRAPH (Allison Morris – Safety in NI): CLICK HERE

The INDEPENDENT (David Young – Upcoming NI Assembly Election): CLICK HERE

U105 RADIO REPORT (Frank Mitchell – Podcast No. 4892): CLICK HERE

..and several other articles and commentaries can be found on the BELFAST TELEGRAPH and other media websites.

LucidTalk - Professional Credentials:

LucidTalk (LT) is a member of the British Polling Council (BPC), the UK Market research Society (UK MRS), and ESOMAR (European Society of Market Research organisations). The BPC are the primary UK professional body ensuring professional Polling and Market Research standards. All LT polling, research, sampling, methodologies used, market research projects and results and reports production are, and have been, carried out to the professional standards laid down by the BPC and also (as published) of AIMRO (Association of Irish Market Research Organisations).

LucidTalk is a member of The British Polling Council and abides by its regulations:

For further information, please contact: Bill White at LucidTalk: 07711 450545

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