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LucidTalk is a new dynamic innovative company based in Northern Ireland that specialises in conducting and supplying high quality Opinion Polling, Market Research, and Marketing/Sales services, for both the public and private sectors, throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK.

LucidTalk uses the latest polling & research technologies with predictive methodologies, to ensure the highest accuracy in every polling & research project we take on.

  • Recent News

      Next Week – beginning on Monday 7th April, the Belfast Telegraph will be publishing the results of their LucidTalk Northern Ireland – Wide Youth poll, along with full comment and analysis. The objective of the LucidTalk - Belfast Telegraph ‘youth poll’ was to obtain a balanced view of Northern Ireland opinion, on this occasion within the 16-24 year-old age-group. To achieve this, the LucidTalk opinion sample was balanced across community (i.e. religious), social background, location, and gender. This approach allowed the collation of a representative view of what the young people of Northern Ireland are really thinking about a range of current issues including politics, jobs, and their vision of the future.

      In particular, the poll-project involved the direct ‘live’ participation of several youth groups, clubs, and associations across Northern Ireland, which allowed the members of these clubs and associations to ‘vote’ directly in the poll-project, via the LucidTalk ‘on-the-road’ polling station. This direct participation by the Youth organisations is great fun for the young people, as they complete the survey confidentially, seal it, and then place it in the LucidTalk Ballot Boxes, giving the feeling to the young people that they are taking part in a genuine democratic process, and that their views will really count.     

      As well as the ‘direct contact’ youth association program, the LucidTalk poll-project included telephone and direct individual interviews. This combination of contact channels ensured that the widest possible range of views and opinions were collated, resulting in the most accurate possible data sample to be obtained, and the most accurate possible reflection of the current views of the young people of Northern Ireland. 

      Some interesting trends have emerged, with many questions when analysed by religious background, showing key differences in attitudes between Protestants and Catholics. With poll results, one key way the pollsters work out trends and compare results between polls, is to work out + or – ‘ratings’ for the various questions. As an example, if we take the ‘How often would you meet someone from the other tradition’ question, we see this shows a +23 rating overall, showing that most young people (not all) feel they meet someone from the other tradition fairly often. It should be noted that + 23, is a reasonable positive score, but it is not overwhelming, and could not be described as excellent. However, if we analyse this question by religion (i.e. how our poll respondents defined their religion) we find that Catholics felt they met someone from the ‘other tradition’ more than Protestants by a factor of 6 to 4, and Protestants felt they didn’t meet someone from the ‘other tradition’ that often, by a factor of 2 to 1!   The ‘rating scores’ for all applicable questions will be reported in the Belfast Telegraph all next week. So keep a look out, as they provide interesting reading, and throw up some key questions about the future of Northern Ireland.

      Full results, along with the detailed poll-project methodology, will be published on the LucidTalk web site week beginning 14th April.

      LucidTalk have announced a program of research panels for 2014 covering detailed market research and polling of key groups making up NI society including: Business Leaders, Public Sector Managers, MLA’s and Councillors.

      In summary, the schedule for the Research Panels is as follows:

      - Northern Public Sector/Social Economy Research Panel (April 2014)
      - Public Representatives (MLA and Councillor) Deep-Audit Research Panel (August 2014)
      - Business Leaders (Private sector) Research Panel (September/October 2014)
      Members of the NI Assembly (MLA’s) Research Panel (November 2014)

      There are many advantages for organisation(s) to consider, in terms of taking part in one or more of these projects:

      - Each Sponsor-Partner can contribute up to four questions for each of the Research Panels, with these questions being related to topics that the sponsor-partner wishes to research with the targeted audience e.g. MLA’s, Business leaders etc.
      Provides the opportunity to obtain in-depth views from a particular sector regarding your organisation, and your organisations activities.
      Promotes and advertises the organisation, and the organisations activities, to a specific sector of NI society e.g. MLA’s, Business leaders etc..
      All Sponsor-Partners receive full reports, and analysis, of all results relating to their specific questions, as part of each Research Panel project.

      For more information and program details see: LT- Research Panels 2014

      If any organisation would like to discuss further, and receive details of costs for participation in the Research Panel Projects, then please call/contact LucidTalk at any time.

      LucidTalk will be exhibiting at the 2014 Alliance Party conference, which is being held in the La Mon Hotel, tomorrow, 22nd March 2014. So if you’re attending the conference, or just in the area, come along, and meet us on our exhibition stand.

      In addition, LucidTalk in association with the Belfast Telegraph will be hosting a ‘fringe event’ at the conference on polling, and recent poll-projects. This will take place in the Glen Suite, La Mon Hotel, at 3.45pm.– see enclosed flyer for details. This fringe event is open to the public, and not just members or supporters of the Alliance party. So if you’re attending the conference, or just interested, or perhaps are in the area, then why not come along at 3.45pm on Saturday, to the Glen suite at 3.45pm, for what should be an enjoyable and informative event.

      For further details see: Alliance Conference – LucidTalk Event