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LucidTalk is a new dynamic innovative company based in Northern Ireland that specialises in conducting and supplying high quality Opinion Polling, Market Research, and Marketing/Sales services, for both the public and private sectors, throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK.

LucidTalk uses the latest polling & research technologies with predictive methodologies, to ensure the highest accuracy in every polling & research project we take on.

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      Just to get the build-up going to the upcoming Westminster election on 7th May we’ll be running our Opinion Panel polling every month from February to May. We will be feeding this data into our prediction models, and then projecting the results for each of Northern Ireland’s 18 Westminster constituencies, and tracking any trends up and down.
      This will be similar to the prediction models we ran for last May’s European election when three weeks before that election (in the Belfast Telegraph) we e.g. predicted Sinn Fein for a 26.2% vote share with the actual result coming in at 25.5%; and the DUP prediction was 20.8% with the actual result turning out to be 20.9%. So (in our humble opinion!) our Euro election prediction models weren’t that bad!
      Our first Opinion Panel poll, results, and analysis is now on the Belfast Telegraph’s DebateNI political web site: LT – Opinion Panel Forecast

      See our latest commentary article on the Belfast Telegraph’s DebateNI site, and our own Blog as well – What type of non-voter are you? There are many types of non-voter including Alex Kane who’s an ‘Irritable’!
      What type of Non-Voter are you?

      See LucidTalk’s latest commentary article covering what political parties should be included, and who shouldn’t be included, in Opinion Polls. Plus how the accuracy of polls compares to official public elections, – now on DebateNI from the Belfast Telegraph: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/debateni/blogs/bill-white/-31002615.html …