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LucidTalk is a new dynamic innovative company based in Northern Ireland that specialises in conducting and supplying high quality Opinion Polling, Market Research, and Marketing/Sales services, for both the public and private sectors, throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK.

LucidTalk uses the latest polling & research technologies with predictive methodologies, to ensure the highest accuracy in every polling & research project we take on.

  • Recent News

      Speaking at the recent ‘anti austerity’ march and rally in London Martin McGuinness said ‘The Tories were elected on the lowest share of the vote ever for a Tory government – 24% is no mandate for austerity’. First error with this is he should have said ‘share of the electorate’ not ‘share of the vote’ – The Conservatives got a 37% share of the vote (though it could be said that 37% isn’t much of a mandate either!).

      However, the key question is this – is it correct to spin the election result in this way and quote % share of the whole electorate rather than just of those that voted?

      Here we tell Martin McGuinness that you can’t non-voters as votes!

      Non Votes aren’t Vote

      Peter Kellner (President – YouGov) reviews the latest YouGov EuroTracker poll to find out what the rest of Europe thinks of the UK’s renegotiation plans, and what points of agreement David Cameron should target: EU Referendum – What does Europe think?

      The Southern Ireland polling companies did well with the same-sex marriage referendum – their predictions were pretty good, and one polling company RedC predicted the result spot-on. Here we look at their methodology and show how LucidTalk also use the same methodology with their Opinion Panel polls: LucidTalk Opinion Panels – Why they work