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LucidTalk is a new dynamic innovative company based in Northern Ireland that specialises in conducting and supplying high quality Opinion Polling, Market Research, and Marketing/Sales services, for both the public and private sectors, throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK.

LucidTalk uses the latest polling & research technologies with predictive methodologies, to ensure the highest accuracy in every polling & research project we take on.

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      It’s up, it’s running, it’s ‘Live’ – LucidTalk’s first regular Quarterly BIG60 NI-Wide online poll. This is targeted to collate NI Opinions and NI’s views on politics, health, education, lifestyle, etc.. Called the BIG60 – It will last 60 Hours and close at 10pm this Wednesday 21st October. If you’re a Northern Ireland resident we would like to invite you to take part and give us your views. Here is the link to the survey-poll:


      As per Market Research Standards best practice, your email details are stored separately on our systems and can’t be linked to your specific survey-poll answers, and/or any results or data recorded via this, or any other survey-poll project.
      NB It is ‘One device – One vote’ i.e. one Vote/Survey per device (PC, laptop, tablet etc.) - if a second ‘vote’ is attempted from the same PC device it will immediately display a message that it is blocked. In addition, our systems track e.g. IP addresses, pseudo email addresses etc., and reject any possible ‘multiple votes’.
      All collated data will be weighted and modelled (if applicable) in order to produce a representative view of NI Opinion. The survey-poll results will be published next week (week beginning 26th October).
      If you have any queries, and/or would like further information about this project, and/or details of the Survey-Poll results publication, then please contact us on:
      So come on and take part and give us your views!

      LucidTalk are always on the look out for Northern Ireland (NI) residents to join our NI-Wide Market Research Panel. So if you’re interested in being invited to take part in our regular Online Poll projects, Focus Groups, and other market research projects, then you can register your interest here:   LucidTalk NI Market Research Panel – Register here

      Taking part is fun, informative, and you earn ‘LT points’ for participating in each project which can be saved up for shopping vouchers, restaurant awards etc.

      So come on board and help us determine what NI really thinks!

      Hopefully you will have seen the reports of our recent ‘Big90′ Online Poll on the Belfast Telegraph Politics Blog – DebateNI. We did two reports covering the main results, and including analysis and commentary. If you haven’t seen these reports, or want to review them, then here they are again:

      Big90 Poll – 1st Report: What Unionists Think! Big90 Poll – 2nd Report: What Nationalists and Others think!

      That concludes our Big90 poll – but to get the next updated view of NI Opinion, watch out for the first of what we hope will be regular quarterly NI-Wide online polls. Our first Quarterly Poll is scheduled for: 10am Monday 12th October – 12 noon Wednesday 14th October i.e. 50 Hours – hence we’re calling it the ‘LTQuarterly50′! We will be asking about NI politics, health, lifestyle, economy, education, etc. So if you have any views about poll questions, then we’d like to hear from you – please send any ideas/suggestions to