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      Latest commentary from Peter Kellner – President YouGov about a probable hung parliament after this Mays election, and the possibility that Sinn Fein’s five seats could be in play – that’s if Sinn Fein chooses to play in the game! Plus the DUP and SDLP could be in there with significant influence as well.

      Here is Peter’s latest commentary: YouGov-Commentary

      Plus don’t forget that Peter Kellner will be in Belfast on Thursday 29th January for a LucidTalk – Chambre Public Affairs seminar, at the Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, starting at 6.15pm. For more details see our previous news item, and/or to register directly, go to:

      Peter Kellner Event – Register Here


      Hopefully you will have noticed and read our recent UK election preview and forecast on the Belfast Telegraph’s blog DebateNI, just before Christmas. If you didn’t, it’s at:

      UK General Election – Forecast and Outlook

      A large chunk of the background, research, and data for that review, was taken from the big-name UK polling company YouGov with the kind permission of YouGov President Peter Kellner. And it’s with pleasure that we can now announce that Peter will be visiting Belfast on 29th January for an evening ‘UK 2015 election seminar’ hosted by LucidTalk and Chambre Public Affairs. This will be held in the Holiday Inn, Belfast.

      Peter is President of one of the UKs largest and best know polling companies – YouGov. He is most recently famous for announcing the first poll to show ‘Yes’ ahead during the recent Scottish referendum campaign and then accurately predicting the final result on Sky News on referendum day, before any votes were counted. Peter was previously a journalist and political commentator for the Sunday Times, Independent, New Statesman, Evening Standard, BBC Newsnight, BBC election programmes and Channel 4 News. He has also been an adviser on polls and public opinion to the Bank of England, Foreign Office, Corporation of London, National Westminster Bank plc and Trades Union Congress.

      The 2015 General Election is set to be the most unpredictable election in living memory. The recent rise of UKIP and the SNP have turned all the usual assumptions on their head and it is unlikely that any one party will command a governing majority come May. At this 29th January seminar Peter Kellner will try to make sense of it all, and will answer questions, and provide expert political commentary on the 2015 General Election and the tricky politics of forming viable governments in hung parliaments.

      The event aims to provide attendees with a unique insight into the likely outcomes of the election and also how those outcomes could impact local political parties. In particular, Peter will review how the Northern Ireland parties could gain leverage in a hung parliament situation, particularly the DUP, but also the SDLP and yes even Sinn Fein. After all, just because Sinn Fein don’t currently take their Westminster seats doesn’t mean they won’t have influence in a tight hung parliament situation.

      So if you want to get the ‘inside’ view from the Westminster bubble, and hear detailed and accurate predictions as to what might happen at the forthcoming UK general election in May, then come along to what should be an enjoyable, informative, and fun event, on the 29th Jan.

      For more details, and to register go to:

      Register Here – For Peter Kellner seminar

      NB This is a non-profit event, the ticket price only covers event costs.

      We look forward to seeing you on the 29th January at the Holiday Inn. However, if you have any queries, or want any more information or details, then please contact us at: info@lucidtalk.co.uk or call Bill White on: 07711 450545.

      See our latest review re. the Westminster election and it’s importance to the Northern Ireland political parties, on the DebateNI blog site hosted by the Belfast Telegraph.Westminster election is the Key!